LAAPSA assumes the commitment to produce products and deliver services with certified quality, prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of customers and other interested parties. For this, it defines its Quality Policy as a single priority.
Within this framework, the Organization establishes the actions of:

• Train, train and motivate and, in this way, create awareness and competence among your staff for teamwork, so that they produce high-performance products.

• Adopt and implement a Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 standards and execute continuous improvement of the System.

• Provide the methodology to establish, implement and review quality objectives and goals.

• Comply with the legal requirements for your products and other commitments you adhere to.

• Ensure that the Policy is disseminated, understood and put into practice at all levels of the Organization.

The Management ensures compliance with the Quality Policy and evaluates that it is appropriate to the objectives of the Organization, always referring to the degree of quality of products manufactured, marketed and associated services provided.

This policy will be carried out in a framework that favors the profitability and progress of the Company.