About us

We are a leading global company in the production of industrial lubricants of the highest quality, efficiency and performance, for the automotive industry and market.

For more than 30 years, at LAAPSA we specialize in offering our clients and partners engineering solutions in industrial lubrication and products that are at the technological forefront, aiming to improve assets, optimize production processes, use rational use of resources and care for health and the environment.

We have highly trained personnel who develop excellent practices and production processes in their laboratories, in addition to the complete support we offer through our technical consultants, to provide a solid commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. LAAPSA operates under the ISO 9001 standard to ensure consumer orientation, teamwork, continuous improvement and beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers.

We offer solutions to the most varied industrial sectors around the world. In addition to consolidating trade within the country, we have subsidiaries in Brazil, Cuba/Caribbean, Mexico and Uruguay; and we export to more than 40 countries around the world through our network of distributors.

We have evolved to become today a consolidated and technologically advanced supplier of high-performance lubricants on a global scale.


We focus on efficiency, and our added value in lubrication knowledge ensures greater sustainability of resources, energy and assets. Under this initiative, we promote being suppliers of lubricants with a marked technological development for the industrial and automotive markets.


Continue our technological development, providing lubrication engineering solutions, committed to the environment; to become the largest independent producer of special lubricants in Latin America.

LAAPSA Investigación & Desarrollo

Con participación en Ingenios Azucareros en más de 30 países distribuidos por todo América, Asia y África, y con profundo reconocimiento internacional en esta industria, debido a la permanente investigación y desarrollo de productos de máxima tecnología, LAAPSA se prestigia en ser el mayor proveedor mundial de lubricantes para la industria azucarera.

LAAPSA Tecnologías

A través de nuevos materiales, vinculados de nuestro conocimiento entre la Ingeniería Química y la Mecánica de las aplicaciones, LAAPSA se encuentra en la vanguardia de tecnologías que, con casos documentados y reconocimiento internacional, permite ahorros inconmensurables en relación a minimizar consumos, minimizar costos, maximizar el cuidado al medioambiente, maximizar el rendimiento mecánico como consecuentemente, mejorar la producción.

Comprometidos con la innovación, comprometidos con nuestros clientes.