Gear transmissions have a wide range of uses in both automotive and industrial and domestic applications. The function they perform is to modify the rotational speeds and torques of the initial (or input) and final (output) values. In gear movements, powers and moments are transmitted between gears, pursuing the highest efficiency and lowest losses.

There are a great variety of types of gears, but without a doubt in all of them the lubricant fulfills a decisive function of reducing friction and wear, as well as generating anti-corrosion protection where only the appropriate lubricant, designed for the appropriate equipment, will be able to ensure greater longevity of the mechanical elements and ensure efficient operation of this equipment.

Lubricants for gear transmissions is undoubtedly an area where our company has an extensive history and reputation as suppliers of the most advanced technologies both in the local market and internationally, creating special additive technologies (RISTech) and being the first Latin American producer to achieve approval from the German manufacturer SIEMENS – FLENDER in the category of approved lubricants to offer maximum gear protection against micro-pitting.

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LAAPSA Investigación & Desarrollo

Con participación en Ingenios Azucareros en más de 30 países distribuidos por todo América, Asia y África, y con profundo reconocimiento internacional en esta industria, debido a la permanente investigación y desarrollo de productos de máxima tecnología, LAAPSA se prestigia en ser el mayor proveedor mundial de lubricantes para la industria azucarera.

LAAPSA Tecnologías

A través de nuevos materiales, vinculados de nuestro conocimiento entre la Ingeniería Química y la Mecánica de las aplicaciones, LAAPSA se encuentra en la vanguardia de tecnologías que, con casos documentados y reconocimiento internacional, permite ahorros inconmensurables en relación a minimizar consumos, minimizar costos, maximizar el cuidado al medioambiente, maximizar el rendimiento mecánico como consecuentemente, mejorar la producción.

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