We are a global company of Argentine origin that since 1988 has been producing industrial lubricants of the highest quality, efficiency and performance, for the local and international market.

LAAPSA was founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1988 with the objective of producing industrial lubricants of the highest quality, efficiency and performance with a focus on the global market. Under this conception, the company developed and in 1991 settled in the city of Caseros, province of Buenos Aires. In response to the growth of international business, in 2000 the company incorporated a 2,500 m2 manufacturing plant located in Greater Buenos Aires, working in coordination with the local business units, as well as products for the export market.

The constant and growing demand from the local market, from subsidiaries and distributors around the world, made it possible in 2013 to acquire the current industrial plant in Tigre, also in the province of Buenos Aires.

Located in the Tigre Industrial Park, just 35 kilometers from Buenos Aires, it has 13,000 m2 for production, storage and logistics and positions LAAPSA as the largest national producer of special lubricants and an international benchmark in new technologies for industrial lubrication. .

LAAPSA stands out as:

Local supplier, since 1990, of special lubricants for gear transmissions with Advanced Third Generation surface smoothing technology, providing a differential product for the control of wear in reducers, multipliers and bearings.
World leader in development of Ultra High Viscosity Gels/VHVSG focused on the lubrication of open gears and sliding bearings.
The largest Latin American producer of Overbased Calcium Sulfonate Complex Greases, known for being products that technologically revolutionized the lubricating grease market.
First Argentine producer to obtain international NSF H1 certification and largest local producer of approved lubricants for the Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage Industry.
Member of NLGI/ National Lubricating Grease Institute since October 2019, which allows us to be part of one of the most important institutions linked to research and development in lubrication worldwide.

LAAPSA Investigación & Desarrollo

Con participación en Ingenios Azucareros en más de 30 países distribuidos por todo América, Asia y África, y con profundo reconocimiento internacional en esta industria, debido a la permanente investigación y desarrollo de productos de máxima tecnología, LAAPSA se prestigia en ser el mayor proveedor mundial de lubricantes para la industria azucarera.

LAAPSA Tecnologías

A través de nuevos materiales, vinculados de nuestro conocimiento entre la Ingeniería Química y la Mecánica de las aplicaciones, LAAPSA se encuentra en la vanguardia de tecnologías que, con casos documentados y reconocimiento internacional, permite ahorros inconmensurables en relación a minimizar consumos, minimizar costos, maximizar el cuidado al medioambiente, maximizar el rendimiento mecánico como consecuentemente, mejorar la producción.

Comprometidos con la innovación, comprometidos con nuestros clientes.